media AL JAZEERA ENGLISH - WHY ISN'T IT ON YOUR TV DIAL? (lengthy, but worth it) walrus-alternet 01-29-10

"Too bad Al Jazeera English is not available on most living-room screens in the US, and people there have to choke down the endless rotting fish heads of celebrity news, or the same tiresome group of ignoramuses shouting at each other in a studio -- both the cheapest forms of filling air time after a test card."
"Comparing it with the American networks "is like comparing The Economist to Newsweek,"
AJE has been among my must-read-or-view-daily Top 10 for the past year, or so. It is what BBC could be, but for its masters in London redacting any content that might upset 1600 Pennsylvania or #10 Downing Street..
Enjoy it while you can. It's survival depends on one Qatari, who overthrew the last guy running the place, his Pop. As a Progressive anomaly in a sea of 15th Century thought, the Emir of Qatar is prey to assassination or overthrow by his embarrassed and enraged neighbors - all of them - who would dearly love to shut him and his creation up. Add to that the far more lethal mercies of the CIA and, well, would you offer him a life insurance policy? It's a good thing he lives on an island.
NEWS-VIDEOS CLIPS http://english.aljazeera.net/
A half-hour with AJE TV will leave you 500% better informed than the nightly lobotomy you'd get from the Brian, Katie & Diane snooze. Try it, you'll love it.

AJE is also on YouTube
And if you really want to spread your wings...
I recommend France 24.

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