bizism CORPORATE PERSONHOOD's BIRTH the moment of THE THEFT OF HUMAN RIGHTS - Thom Hartmann opednews 07-18-09

With Thursday's Supremes' travesty fresh in our minds (Citizen's United v. FEC), I thought you might like to read the genesis of the bogus concept itself.
This article consists of the entire "nut" chapter of Thom's 2002, to-the-ramparts book, Unequal Protection. It is a cautionary tale reminding that the pen, when wielded by a zealot, is, by a factor, far more powerful than a million swords, or even, a million missiles. It just takes a little longer to complete its deadly mission.
Unequal is also one of the best books around as a guide to understanding the corporation's beginnings in America and its relentless and stealthy attempts to usurp and subvert the power of the state to its own purpose.
For the contrary POV, this piece lays out, in all its oxymoronic glory, the counterintuitive and contradictory case for corporate personhood.
bizism CORPORATE PERSONHOOD Citizens United v FEC THE PRO VIEW  cato@liberty  01-21-10

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