civlib EXPRESSION Harvard law prof & Obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9-11 conspiracy groups rawstory 01-13-10

We may defeat our enemies, assuming, that is, we can manage to survive our friends.
Besides providing more evidence that the number of letters after one's name serves as no guarantor of clear thinking, the Professor also illustrates the perils of "fixing" what ain't broke. His "fix" amounts to nothing less than "managing" the news. One would think he could be more effective going after our sorry-ass MSM, who could teach him a thing or two on this subject.
Scroll down to the para on the First Amendment and you'll see the treacherous, sophistic path that has led him to his present proposal. Follow this notion to its ineluctable conclusion and you have... 1984! (or, our own, lovable, MSM)

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