crash08 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE MELTDOWN in 2010 if you thought housing was bad... escapefromamericamag

from Patrick.net (an excellent housing blog - get his daily e-mail letter and you'll know the real news on this vital subject)
Put this piece among the few must-read-and-heed items I send you. One has 3 options when presented with the sobering facts laid bare here (well-documented from other sources I have read):
1 - Hit delete, then crawl under the covers and never come out - ever;
2 - Read it and then, in your slough of despond, find a friendly rooftop (3 floors+ should ensure success) from which to hurl yourself;
3 - Preferably, make sure you understand the message - the info is just a credible even though the messenger's goal is to sell his services by showing others how they can profit from the wretched state of the teeming masses - then plan accordingly. The one big unknown is when the proverbial shit will hit the fan. This piece provides a few scenarios.
The inescapable truth is that we are very near the end of the formerly endless-credit-shopper's-paradise cycle of this republic, and the dire economic straits of commercial real estate will doubtless be a key factor in it's demise, for reasons that will be clear by the time you finish reading this.
We have time, just not too much. I wish the news was better too.

BTW, this mag is all about moving offshore, how to disengage from America, and what to do with all your money (joke) when you get where you're going (you know you've always lusted after that cute little bungalow in Belize, yes?). Oh, yeah, you'll need lots of moolah if you follow their advice.  http://www.escapefromamerica.com/
NOTE: I deemed this article important enough to include my "no-group" group in this post. I hope you'll agree.
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