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I bookmarked this awhile ago and finally got around to viewing it.

For those who know Pilger's

work, this will prove to be just one more subject intelligently treated while still capturing the raw passions underlying any major trend of dynamic change in the world.

John's focus is on post-World War II Latin America, along with the not-so ur text of the rank hypocrisy and denial of the superduperpower in which we reside – by its government as well as the vast majority of its people. The first 40-odd minutes deal with Venezuela and the US-backed attempt to overthrow Hugo Chavez in 2002. He also examines the many methods our government employs - through both Democratic and Republican administrations - to have its way, most notably, the infamous School of The Americas (since renamed as something with the word democracy in it – same old Fascist shtik though). Most revealing are John's interviews with various admin's true believers. If you come away wondering if these cavalier people have even a shred of humanity left, well, I did too. But, then, I suppose I see their emphatic dismissal (John hardly ever gets to finish a question before they rush to the barricades) of the facts as a survival technique.

There is also a decent thumbnail of the CIA-wreaked aftermath of carnage in the wake of the overthrow of Chile's Allende in 1973, replete with Henry the K's pro forma denial of American involvement; "Nobody talked to anybody at anytime. Ever. But, we sure are glad that bunch of Commies is outta there"! (quote totally apocryphal).

John ends on an upbeat note: while there is plenty of work to be done, Latin America, and indeed the rest of the world, is basically through taking shit from The Great Satan we have become. We may need a tad more humbling and lots and lots of humiliation by folks running around in Goodyear sandals and planting $5 IEDs, before we get the message.

We could really make amends for much of our past misanthropy if we were to withdraw voluntarily and gradually. By so doing, we could avoid leaving the vacuum (which, as you recall, nature abhors) that will release all sorts of mischief in the world. The tragic fact remains that, we have been so successful in eliminating or beggaring our rivals that our rapid departure from the scene will tend to leave mostly anarchy in our wake.

For this UnAmerican (at least, for the atrocious version currently booted up), America's comeuppance can't come soon enough to suit me.



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