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Of course, being a freethinker, I always want to give equal time to the eloquent rebuttals of the other side...

Oil Tycoon: US "Entitled" to Iraqi Oil  democracy now  10-22-09

In other congressional testimony, the oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens (yes, the hi-tech windmill phony) told lawmakers Wednesday the US is "entitled" to Iraqi oil because of the human and financial toll of occupying Iraq. Addressing the Congressional Natural Gas Caucus, Pickens criticized Iraqi plans to open up oil fields to international bidding. Pickens said, "They're opening them up to other companies all over the worldWe're entitled to itWe even lost 5,000 of our people, 65,000 injured and a trillion, five hundred billion dollars."

So, now that you have the POVs on this issue, how do you feel as you weigh the "merits" of both? And, have you ever wondered how god, in his wisdom, put our oil under their land?
Too, I guess T. Boone is one who doesn't count all those dead-displaced-and-maimed-on-account-of-us Iraqis as real flesh-and-blood human beings. But, then, who can blame him? He would likely be equally as clueless that the whole adventure was crafted out of thin air, by an administration that had to steal two presidential elections to get the job undone.
I could go on....

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