int'l law INTERNET PRIVACY v CULPABILITY Google v Italy bloomberg 11-27-09

This issue is getting more fascinating as it goes along. If we thought 50 states getting their act together was a tough slog, check out some of the issues raised in this gal's penetrating piece. As with civil liberties in the USA, the answers to how to make the Internet work around the world are among the thorniest we face. Governments holding everyone but the janitor accountable for the millions of bit and bytes fling by their portals aren't helping.
The Internet is, in the age of peak oil and our need to move to re-localize humanity (think tribal village), our best shot at heading off the Nexi's push to impose their long-promised and highly-secretive New World Order. The Internet is the only way to organize billions of people to rise up against the 300 families arrayed against us, by rising up against their own governments - including this one.
The impending struggle to keep the Net free will take many twists and turns before the victor is known. We'd better win this one.

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