crash08 GOLDMAN SACHS 1929-2009 80 YEARS OF BUBBLE MANIPULATION - Matt Taibbi rs 2009

His old man, Mike Taibbi, works for the machine (NBC), his son, Matt, runs wild and free on the the Indy media range (Rolling Stone, Alternet and others). Boy, is this guy ever good!
The link below will acquaint you with America's leading advocate and vanguard of balls-out, buccaneer capitalism; a corporate mentality Ted Bundy would love. You never saw either one coming until it was too late. These are really bad people. They make Pol Pot look like Nelson Mandela. On Krypton, they would all be sealed into that prism prison and flung to float the universe for eternity. On Earth, in what passes for the self-proclaimed citadel of democracy in the modern world - that would be the US - these guys sit at the head of the table. Like me, you probably know something about Goldman greed, but you will be amazed to read of this kleptocorp's hip-deep involvement in every major scam since the Great Depression, and its current stranglehold on the US government. I have dubbed it the AlphaCorp.
Taibbi documents 5 bubbles (including last summer's $4 gas), with the next one (carbon credits) dead in its sights; and no way to stop them, in his humble opinion. Goldman Sachs is laissez-faire Capitalism's own little Alien. And like the most highly-evolved parasites, it too, will devour its host.
As you may recall, in the plot line of Mr. O'Bannion's gentle tale, the monster, after feasting on its now hollowed-out host, kills it as it makes its exit, on to bigger and more lucrative hosts.
Matt's piece points up why, no matter what other cause-cudgels you carry, the only one we should all be working on is breaking the lobbyists/campaign funding nexus in Washington. While I believe that we will come undone as a nation before that happens, it doesn't hurt to practice in order to gain the skills to get it done piece-by-piece after our unavoidable implosion.
You can help at http://change-congress.org/
 Larry Lessig - Joe Trippi
Sweet dreams, y'all.

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