rig `Americans Elect - 3rd PARTY INTERNET - A CON BY THE RIGHT?

I believe Americans Elect to be an elaborate, Right-Wing Trojan Horse designed to bleed votes from Obama. I'm injecting this observation into the Internet's bloodstream so that others may ponder and debate its validity or speciousness. Bring on your bouquets and brickbats.
Why would I think such a dumb thing? Thanks to Naomi Klein and others, we now see more clearly the many instances - some proven, some only surmised - of 'crisis opportunism,' aka 'disaster Capitalism.' The gradual run-up of partisan extremism, driven mostly by the Tea Party Right, has led to only an inappropriate type of 'congress' and almost manic gridlock on Capitol Hill. As this pathetic state-of-affairs can be laid at the door of the GOP - the party of NO (and they really need to update their 150-year old acronym - MAD or ZOO should do the trick), Ockham's razor tells me that where there's smoke, there may be a bloody raging bonfire. Consider how well Americans Elect fits in with these efforts:
  1. GOP obsession with a one-term Obama - exacts poetic revenge on Dems when Slick Willie Peroted Poppy Bush's try #2;
  2. A well-documented, pandemic predeliction to steal elections - on steroids since 1998;
  3. Their tireless efforts to restrict the votes of black, browns, youth and anyone else with the temerity to vote for Democrats, mostly pushed through by state-elected Tea Party puppets, many of whose 2010 elections were, you know (see #2) - works out nicely, don't you think? Estimates say this effort alone may cost the Oh-Man upwards of 5 million lost votes;
  4. Taking crash courses in CAD mapping in order to micro-manage the redistricting process house-by-house. The people of the Sunshine State - Florida - passed Amendments 5 &6, in 2010. These required the state lege to stop dicking around with the process and put together fair, contiguous and balanced districts. Guess what? They don't wanna and they ended up going to court (spending taxpayer bux in the process), rather than obey the clear (63%) will of the people. Are these driven ideologues, or what? Stay tuned for a fait accompli, take-it-or-leave-it gambit early next June.
  5. Using dirty tricks to entrap and destroy the likes of ACORN and League of Women Voters, both of whose main mission is to enroll new voters. Apparently they don't care that these organizations would enroll even Beelzebub, uh, Karl Rove himself (the only alleged human I would gladly disenfranchise), or any other Republican, for that matter;
  6. Finally, just look at the Herculean effort to bag Don Siegelman. If you'll go to those lengths, AE is no big deal after that level of skullduggery.
The plain fact is, cheating & lying is the ONLY way these misanthropic bastards can get elected dogcatcher, once the home folks get a whiff of their real agenda, in most states. The Americans Elect thingie seems to be cut from the same cloth as the rest of the Tea Party GOP's tapestry of turpitude.
That, or I could just be paranoid, eh?
The above may be sheer conjecture on my part, but it is based on my, not inconsiderable, knowledge of just how far these sociopaths appear willing to go to steal more, save the babies or whatever else they know is right for everyone else on the planet.
But, even if I'm in error as to this brainchild's parentage, for the Dems, this would be the time for them to shout "Fire!" from every mountain and molehill.
Forget about the manifold issues of security (if you thought electronic voting was 'leaky,' the Pentagon's site will fairly 'gush' info if you know which line of code to corrupt; what toggle to flip, where a 'backdoor' is), reliability, privacy, accountability and others. What in the world will we do if the AE (American Enterprise Institute, hmm?) candidate takes the roses? If you loved the Bush/Gore spectacle, the shambles in which this would leave our (normally fractious and bumptious anyway) republic will be high-dramady to die for. It will also bring the nation's worst character traits to the fore.
If any Progressive types are involved in this misguided venture, I would ask them to reconsider. This is the wrong approach, at the wrong time, in the wrong medium. It's probably the wrong election as well, but that last will have to wait as I'm almost out of paper.
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