rev OCCUPY WALL STREET - THE CONSERVATISM OF - Frank Pasquale concurringopinions 10-27-11

First, a cute little lampoon of the embattled 1% to get you in a happy mood.
Garfunkel & Oates SONG  Save the Rich #2.09  youtube  2011
 (My Apartment's Very Clean is a winner too)
Now, for those who want to delve a bit deeper into what's driving OWS...
rev OCCUPY WALL STREET - THE CONSERVATISM OF - Frank Pasquale concurringopinions 10-27-11
I agree with much this writer has to say. We part company mainly on the fundamental fix for these recurring crises. He (and maybe OWS) sees a return to the true Capitalism of Adam Smith (in truth, Ol' Adam would find his fair-minded treatise has been totally perverted by the Harvard/Chicago schools of pond-scum, race-to-the-bottom economic theory, where the risk of loss is equal only to government bailouts and back-handed subsidies sufficient to return the highly-ballyhooed, level playing field back to deuce. Unlimited profit, on the other hand, is theirs to keep).
Bottom line: 'we' are not to be trusted not to game any system 'we' set up. Humanity needs to reorganize itself so that one longitudinal half of us writes the laws the other half must live by, and vice-versa. While that particular pln may be impractical to institute, to say the least, the gist is that we must find a way to make laws that have equal effect on everyone, regardless of rank or station in society.
ISMS We need to put an end to all societal constructs - political and economic - that reward the basest instincts in our species and reorganize our societies so that contributions to 'the common' are among the most highly prized and greatly rewarded. All of the political and economic isms that I'm aware of carry within them the seeds of their own desruction as they imply a top-down order. We need real bottom-up systems - from the people - that provide incentives for all to participate while instituting strict penalties for those wretched few who attempt to restrict or manipulate such universal participation. 
A casual glance back in history reveals that top-down social constructs have all eventually wreaked catastrophic effect on humanity. This is due to the fact that all isms are set up, from the git-go, by the few for the few; like this republic. And it makes sense that these social set-ups come cloaked in the garb of 'democracy' or 'people's republic.' Who wouldn't vote for that? On the other hand, the nation of Weget99%ofeverythingyougetwhat'sleft would be a really tough sell to the citizenry.
In addition, all human legal constructs created to enable collaborative effort - guilds, unions, cities, nations, associations, societies, confederations, et al and, most especially, corporations, must defer, and be subordinate, to a set of strong 'individual accountability' laws in the event of harm to society at the hand of said organizations. No more hiding foul deeds under the skirts of a legal 'front.' All of those safeguards, and more, were in place as recently as 150 years ago. They worked well to blunt the urge to limitless profit and power. Only this time we might want to leave out the property before people legacy of the Founding Fathers. Adding a few Founding Moms might help.
It may take a global People's Constitutional Congress to fashion a long-term, sustainable social order that puts in place a series of indefatigable laws designed to specifically prevent the amassing of unreasonable and overweening wealth and the political power that inevitably accompanies it.
Until we do, we will remain continually conned and cuckolded by those few whose sole interest is to control the rest of us for their personal gain. Rest assured they will be trying their damnedest to defeat or co-opt any and all attempts to break up their little con. They would be quite content to have it carry on another 5,000 years.
But, 99/1 has had it's day and now it's time for it to go. 
Any more 'compromises' will be the death of us; that includes the moral pygmies among us whose battle cry is "More!"
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PS to keep track of OWS's 'body count' (# arrested), St Pete For Peace has set up this handy site for you:
http://occupyarrests.moonfruit.com/ (I can has moonfruit?)

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