rig 2000 GORE MINI-LANDSLIDE - 6 MILLION VOTES cast, not counted - PER UNADJUSTED EXIT POLLS richardcharnin 11-21-11

Makes you wonder if there are any adults in power who deal with anything anymore?
Massive theft of elections?  How many times do I gotta tell you? It's VOTER fraud, not the other thing. 
Warming ready to go to Warp Factor 5?  What? This is Mother's natural 60-year cycle. Just ask my 'front' PR firm.
Outrageous expansion of police brutality incidents?  Fugheddaboudit. You been watching too much Bad Boy stuff.
The .0001% badly in need of remedial incarceration?  In your dreams, sucka! Staying free's just another cost of.. (you know).
A 500% increase in military suicides over the past decade?  Not a chance. That's why they have free healthcare (and burial).
NAFTA's role in creating all those extra millions of 'illegals'?  You'd think they'd stay home after all the jobs (@$1.50 hr) we created down there.
The Olympian irony of S&P and Moody's threatening anyone over their card limit with a downgrade of their credit rating?  Psst! Keep it down, willya?
Karl Rove's key role in damn near every distastrous trend since 1998?  You really want to fuck with me? I've buried better men than you (I'll say).

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"There is no greater disaster than greed."Lao-tzu

 "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Krishnamurti

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