fun rig THIS IS AMERICA's VOTING SYSTEM - ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? - Lee Camp #4.50 newsfromunderground 11-08-11

A fitting follow-up to my rant/essay/novella on this subject yesterday. Unlike that link-festooned, all-day sucker, you can enjoy this guy's art in a mere 5 minutes.
Just the break you need.
 If the subject wasn't so gosh-darned, you know, existential.... Oh, wait, this is side-splitting hilarious anyway. Almost makes you forget to give a damn that this democracy is disappearing down a recurring rabbithole of royally rigged results (of elections).
Lee Camp's delivery is dead-on, his "can you believe this shit?" faux-incredulity strikes a perfect balance as he delivers his A-bombs of dismal truth with swashbuckling glee (amid the yuks, he's got the facts right, alas). His approach is reminiscent of that of Yakov "What a country!" Smirnoff.
I'd never heard of this dude, but he may be the next big thing in stand-up and a worthy sucessor to the dear-departed and much-lamented master of this genre, George Carlin.
Thanx for the intro, Mark.
And always try to remember, they really don't give a fuck about you.

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