rag MEDIA = PURE PROPAGANDA IN USA - Mark Crispin Miller interview #12.23 rt 03-15-10

Best summation I've seen of our run by-and-for-elites' MUMedia (shhh, don't tell 'em any real news).
If, after viewing this, you don't immediately sell/donate/destroy your TV sets and cancel your newspaper subscriptions, you will have to admit that you prefer being lied to 24/7.
The Prof has it exactly right. The last thing these SOBs want to provide you with is the awful truth (about their skullduggery). Mark's general thrust won't be 'news' to many of my readers, though I was totally unaware of Sarah, Baby's affair and break-up (estrangement?).
The clip covers a lot of ground in a very brief period. The understated host asks quick, pointed questions then gets the hell out of the way so Mark can fill the time with his answers, not her questions. Pravda and Izvestia on RT. Who knew that would ever come to pass?
PASS THIS ON to everyone you know still marinated in the ad-wars, shout-fest din of network TV, and I include PBS when it comes to news (even Frontline pulls its punches these days, sob!). "Trusted," my ass. And they really ought to have the decency to give poor old Bill Moyers a decent burial and remove his image from those infernal commercials touting their 'honesty' and 'credibility.' When Bill made his exit (May, 2010), he took the last shred of PBS' 'honor' with him.
PS his new show, `Moyers & Company,  PREMIERES JAN 2012

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