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Brilliant! JHK speaks for me.
Rudderless - James Howard Kunstler
And while sexual norms in the lair of the Nittany Lions may be perverted and twisted, this pathetic meme has even managed to do violence to the good old-fashioned, barroom-brawl variety; Sparta sans grace.
When one thinks of the brand of humans this produces (if something gets in your way, run over it), it answers a lot of questions about why this society deals with its many frustrations in such destructive ways. The inculcation of faux 'ideals' and aspirations, on vivid display in this docu, is right up there with the U.S. Army ("An Army of One.") and Wall Sreet ("... Greed, for want of a better word, is good.").
We are producing warrior sociopaths by the gross - on the gridiron or in-counry. And they end up making war on the rest of us as they deal (poorly) - in a black-or-white kinda way - with the normal give-and-take of daily existence. To think, one of these millions of sociopaths-in-training may even wind up President of these here Newnited States one day.
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