fit-md BIG SICK's DRIVE TO OWN LIFE ITSELF & HANG THE COST Deadly Monopolies - Harriet Washington w Amy #45.30 dn 10-31-11

Big Sick is my all-encompassing term for Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Hospital and especially, the AMA and our thoroughly corrupted medical corps of M.D.s. While the first 2 can point to their corporate charters, which state that Job #1 is "Grab all you can," the latter all agreed, to varying extents, to conduct business under their prime directive: The Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm."
Someone please explain to me how these people can sleep at night. I mean the doctors. The corporations are doing exactly what they were designed to do; like a shark. This is why this entire co-opting paradigm needs to slink away into the history books.
Ms. Washington does an excellent job of laying out the massive betrayal of the public trust by all parties to Big Sick's scam which maintains patients in a profitable state of perpetual equilibrium; not so sick that they expire, but sick enough to require constant care (the most expensive on the planet) to 'manage' their disease for, if Big Sick is lucky, all eternity.
Throw in our toxic food supply, constantly pumping us full of some quite nasty chemicals, along with a government that allows Big Ag and Big Sick to write the very laws under which they are free to poison (no GMO labeling premitted - can't even cast aspersions by saying your product is not GMO!) and pillage (Monsanto Terminator seeds) the population and you complete this iron triangle of deadly deception. 
And don't forget that without the all-out, 40-year, Federalist assault on the sitting-for-life Federal bench (more Right, more young), especially The Supremes, few of the really big decisions that have brought us to this low place would never have become law.
If this interview makes you angry, it should. It shows how out of touch with humanity these mavens of mammon really are.
While we're doing the above, the Chinese are doing this:
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