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This brief trenchant piece from Michael Hudson explains why the screws were put to Papandreou when he dared to invite the Greek people to have a say in what debts they would, and would not, assume. As some of you may know, Wall Street threatened the EU with an immediate cut-off of funds from US banks if the people of Greece (in a proposed referendum) decided not to allow their government to legitimize the existing debt (which their leaders had committed them to, sans vote)) by borrowing still more to tide it (Greece) over while they imposed austerity measures to balance (screw) the Greek economy.
Now that 'the people' are beginning to tumble to and stand up to the outrageous debt-tyranny tactics of the banksters, the banksters now want to fall back on the system they have bought and paid for over the past three decades: oligarchy
It remains to be seen if the Deutsche/Franco tag-team of Merkel & Sarkozy can convince the 15 other Eurozone members to keep the wheezing Eurocon going for a few more years by setting up an economic United States of Europe on the sly; known on this side of the pond as, The Fed.
Looks to me like 50/50.
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And now, a few days later, from the always-excellent, clear-thinking mind of Charles Hugh Smith, comes a run-down on the Machiavelian mechanics behind the bankster's power play in Europe - a perfect companion piece to Hudson's above. Smith reveals the banksters' panicked reaction to the very notion that all this artful buggering of the public might now be all for naught by many said 'publics' simply welshing on the entire fiat-debt system con itself.
All that lovely faux-filthy luchre down the drain, so to speak. What a shame, eh?
The options for Europe, and ourselves, really are as stark as Smith' clarion call portrays.
The path to freedom for us all is wrapped up neatly in one word: Iceland.
dip EUROPE'S CHOICE - ACCEPT DEBT-SLAVERY OR REBEL AGAINST THE BANKS  charles hugh smith  oftwominds  12-05-11.url
 and this concise clip
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