orb DURBAN CLIMATE CONF - ''GET IT DONE'' urges Youth Delegate Anjali Appadurai, then a MIC CHECK #6.00 dn 12-09-11

There is something about a good-looking girl giving the establishment Hell. As your average dirty old man, but also a civil libertarian through-and-through, when presented with such conflicting emotions, I immediately want to take her out to dinner and give her an award; preferably simultaneously. Afterwards, we can go back to my place. But, only to shower her with still more praise as she sips a small cask of my best Madeira. See what I mean?
Seriousness aside, as I watched this fiery performance, I was very glad she was on our side and equally pleased not to be on the receiving end of such a verbal thrashing. What Ms. Appadurai did took moxie. The mic check she led after that was just sheer youthful joy at finally having a say in the matter (why check with the kids? Heck, it's only their world we're screwing up.). Best of all was the COP President's crack at the end. Then there's always Ladysmith Black Mombasa. All in all, one of the best clips all year.
Sadly, this young lady was one of the few upbeat actors in this latest in a series of global morality plays; each one regressively worse than the last. That tired old moral pygmy of a climate-change denier, James Inhofe (R-OK), is here - depressingly, the only member of Congress to attend - applauding the conference's downfall, as well as Obama's 'righteous' call on this one. Right. I mean, left. Us, that is. For even more fun and frolic, here's a true believer who thinks 'guv'mint' ought to get out of the way (I wasn't aware it hadn't) and let the Harvard Biz School model fix everything in a jiffy.
I wonder if all these blithe misguided fools will change their tune when the Senator's Sooner prairie is burned to a cinder and the Wall Street Exchange is under 10 feet of H2O; though only their descendents will be around to judge their tragic level of myopia and pig-headedness by then.
Anjali at least had the floor. How about this confrontation from another lass. Anjali's enfilade attack was neatly bookended the day before by another New England student's defilade approach. Abigail Borah sat quietly until the low-level US rep began to address the conference, then jumped up and had her say ("I'm scared for my future."). Had she pulled that in the good old, post-9/11 US of A, she no doubt would be cooling her heels in the local pokey even now.. Turns out, our sub-altern, Todd Stern, had no comeback to this young lady (or Amy) other than, "It's a misconception."
For those of you not checking in on Amy and Juan every weekday, you are missing out on the real action. Not for nothing is Democracy Now's sub-title The War and Peae Report. It is an all-out war; one which we the people are temporarily losing. But, as the deniers and conspiracy nuts will soon learn anew, "Nothing is as certain (ineluctable) as an idea whose time has come." In the immortal words of my natal countrymen, "It's time to get the baby's ass out of the butter" (call me, Briticisms have to be explained).
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