rot IMMIGRANTS - abUSed: The Postville Raid at Eckerd 11/10@5PM + LATEST ALABAMA APOPLEXY

First, watch the sublimely clueless Senator Beason as he talks 'sense' to a few of his constituents. Poor Alabam! This guy makes most of the Repubs running for Prez look like AlbertfuckinEinstein! Wouldn't you like to be having this heart-to-heart with your Rep?
It would take a major mindwash of the Senator to get him to see that a gram of compassion might go a long way here. I mean, Senator, if you saw these underpaid, massively taken advantage of, stoop-labor quasi-slaves as humans, why you-all might see things a whole different way. Instead of exploiting and hounding them, try a little tenderness instead. Stow your racist gear in the closet for a month. I can almost guarantee, you'll never go back to your Brand X social skills when you find to your amazemeent what a little caring and consideration brings.. You might even kick yourself for beating up on these gentle souls (and they are, unless you dangle billions of $$ of drug money at them) all these decades, especially since NAFTA began to work its insideous hollowing out of their family farms.
In another clip, AL State Senator Scott Beason tells it like it is (3-minute clip, and it ain't pretty). What's really on display here is an alternative universe where up is down and black (and brown) is white. It's too bad all those out-of-state troublemakers are hollering "racism at the drop of the N-word. The Senator's certainty is reassuring, 'cause if he insulted those black folk and meant it, why, then, he'd be in real trouble. Imagine someone insulting your Mom, then, when confronted with clear evidence of their misogynist calumny, retorts, "It's just as well. Now we can more easily discuss roles in the family unit." You gotta love that pretzel logic (it hurts just to imagine the intellectual contortions required to square that circle - OUCH!).
Also, you'll be happy to learn, "Empty the clip" does not in any way imply violence toward other human beings. Well, that's a relief!. Turns out, it's just another way of saying, "Leave no stone unturned." (do a thorough job of rooting out those damned illegals, then shoot 'em if they give you any trouble).
Even casual observers may find it not out of line to ask why the Senator didn't choose one of the many less inflammatory idioms in the language?
And your Federal government is doing its darnedest to bang the nativist/racist gong.
A new documentary covers a 2008 watershed raid:
You may see the film at Eckerd College in Gulfport at 5PM on November 10th.
Hear Rob (WMNF) interview the director and handle call-ins here.
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rot IMMIGRANTS - POSTVILLE RAID - FILM - 'abUSed - The Postville Raid'  TRAILER & BLOG  filmsite  2011
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