Mark Miller's hot-hand at NewsFromUnderground is hitting on all cylinders today.
I've gone easy on the truly disgusting news on the wholesale theft of our elections in the RoveRage Era. The man (Rove) may be evil incarnate, but he is also, alas, a stone genius at what he does. He's learned his craft well (the craft of craftiness, as it were) since his early "prank" of borrowing the op's campaign letterheads. The pathalogical among us make far more interesting studies.
The dismal truth is that one man's twisted and relentless drive to vanquish all before him - by any means necessary, and I mean any -  has resulted in our signal experiment in democracy being twice saddled with a cruel and petty birdbrain of a nowhere-man being fraudulently foisted on the Oval Office for 8 interminable years. As Andy Bacevich said, "Can anyone undo the mess this gang has left us with"?
One reason for restricting most election-theft news to my RIG group is that the forest gets pretty dense and arcane - one really needs an abiding interest to follow this tortuous trail. While all of the items in Charnin's rundown are persuasive, for some of it, you really need to love statistics, probablistic analysis and the like. I'm guessing that few of you have the time of the inclination to want to know how this watch is built.
But, to quickly tell the hour (hint, it's getting late) on this damning timepiece of intrigue and dark deeds, try these items:
All are in plain English; no degree necessary. I have a hard time following some of Richard's work myself. What I do understand is that the brilliance of Charnin's forensics is equal to the dastardly level of Karl Rove's reptilian skullduggery (hey, helluva sentence, Nige).
Now on to two items of interest re Prez #45:
libs OBAMA A DISASTER FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES - Turley  latimes  09-29-11
As a long-time active member of the ACLU, Mr. O has been a real let-down to this civil libber. But, I can't say I wasn't warned. I worked on the man's campaign for 5+ months in '08. On July 8th, the yes-we-can guy cast his vote for the FISA Revision Act - the retroactive "Constitutionalizing" of 5 years of patently unconstitutional wiretapping of domestic conversations sans dint of court orders and other such legal niceties. Besides instantly rendering moot some 40-odd court cases wending their way to the Supremes, his action stood in stark contrast to his (hollow) promise, on the hustings, to filibuster the bill if it ever showed it's face in the Senate. Words? Just words? Well, sad to say, yes. That this "Aye" was cast by a Constitutional law professor (he could teach it; just didn't know how to, you know, follow it!), from Harvard, no less, told me we'd be in for a rough ride if he ever made it to the Black House. Well, he did and we are.
At some point, one has to stop making excuses and rationalizations for our first black president. As this next piece points out, we may yet pine for the good old days when Dubya and company were nominating softies like John Ashcroft and Janice Rogers Brown for high legal office.
and this just in...
rig POSTER CHILD FOR GOP's REAL 'VOTER I.D' AGENDA  + a bonus of FACT-FREE RACIST COMMENTS  timesfreepress  10-05-11

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