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As Lily said, it really is a bitch to keep up. As I read this PBP piece (Florida's best newspaper, IMHO) my cyni-meter hackles kept rising. Regardless of differing ideologies, why would even that messianic moral moron in the statehouse, not to mention his hot-in-chief starr, Pam Bondi, pitch such a winning ticket in the trash? To wit, a few salient points:
"...Edwards said she sensed changes were coming..." I'd love amplification on that, wouldn't you?
"I think they wanted to put people in there that were more in line with their thinking," Edwards said. Fair enough; that's de rigueur; new brooms sweep clean, and all that. Still, it gives one pause to wonder about the area of "thinking" one needed to be "in line" with - political? ideological? philosophical? criminal? malfeasance-wise?
"... Edwards given no time to brief anyone on the investigations and that there were notes that had yet to be transcribed and filed.." Why the unseemly bum's rush? Unless, of course, "justice" wasn't the top priority here.

"On May 20, Edwards ... and Clarkson ... told by Robert Julian, then the South Florida bureau chief for the Economic Crimes Section of the attorney general's office."  Good man, that Julian.
""We had absolutely no idea it was coming," said Edwards, who in an April 22 performance review was praised by Julian."
Good man, that Julian; knows good people when he sees them. He's obviously "in line with" their objectives.

Clarkson ..., also received high marks from Julian on a performance evaluation ... She was given "above expectation" or "exceptional" rankings in 14 of 15 categories. Good man, that Julian; knows good work when he sees it. Just the kind of key man you'd want around in bagging the bad guys, eh?
"Edwards said Julian has since been placed in another position." I don't know about you, but, I'd love to know what that "other position" is, wouldn't you? He seemed to be on a roll in his present one. Gosh, I hope it gives this superlative employee even more power to go after the crooked skunks trying to aid and abet the cover-up of all those bankster bads, don't you?
""I know those two ladies did a yeoman's job, and it perplexed me when they left the office," Josh Bleil, a partner in the Ticktin Law Group foreclosure defense firm, said about Edwards and Clarkson. "They were instrumental in creating the PowerPoint presentation that blew up everything." I'm with you, Josh - perplexed. There are only two reasons these gals got the axe: one is dumbth and two is greed.
"In January, Bondi's office told lawmakers ... that Florida's foreclosure process is in "total disarray" with a "morass" of fraudulent paperwork." So, then, Pammy plans not to "fix" stuff that's not broken, like the team of gals in this piece. Apparently not. That, or she received orders to make counterintuitive "repairs."
I don't know about you, but to me, this whole thing stinks to high heaven. With so much in our society in disrepair and more than a little dysfunctional, I suppose I'm suspicious of actions that seem designed to dismantle areas that remain in relatively good working order. Cui bono?
See if you agree.

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