fun VIDEO The Gulf Coast of Florida (lower volume if you're at work)

from Pat & Bob this time
As an original Anglo who lives in his shorts and loves Jimmy Buffett, this vid spoke to me. It's also a tad ironic that this PM I will be in Straub Park, along with a bunch of other malcontents and trouble-makers, protesting our unconvicted felon Governor's largely successful attempt to create a just dandy Dark Ages Sunshine State (talk about yer oxymoron!).
As with most despot wannabes, his pathetic attempts to appear human only serve to remind us what an asshole sociopath he really is. But, it's okay because, as his mother told us, "Ricky's a good boy." BTW, am I the only one who think he kinda resembles Sigourney's Alien?
Check your compassion at the state line; you can retrieve it on your way home*.
*Offer void in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and any other state the Rethugs managed to steal in 2010.

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