Hed: ROVE ROLLS REPUBLIC! (turning it into a wee cuckold)

So, there you have it, ladies and gents. As I told you, King Karl Christian stole it fair and square, in the process, saddling us all with the blithering Bush ninny and his frightful companion, Death Star Cheney, along with numerous toads, Orcs, scalawags and misanthropes, for four more interminable, terrible years. So, I have but one question for you:
Do you folks now have the beytsim to print this outrage perpetrated on the people of the world, in 236-point type (31/2" for my ink-free-wretch readers), above the fold,, on page one of tomorrow's edition? (maybe Saturday's) You don't even have to say where you got it,  but, for the record, this one's from Mark Crispin Miller's very excellente daily e-letter.
We both know you have to really stretch to find a level of betrayal much deeper than this.
Feel free to refer back to my link-dense, 13-page, letter-to-the-editor of December, 2008, regarding this matter: in excruciating detail, I might add.
I feel sure Bob F. would give you permish to republish his blog entry gratis (that's assuming he doesn't faint dead away first).
For oodles more proof that all the above is no fairytale (nightmare, maybe), peek inside Bob and Harvey's fact-packed FreePress, and one other site:
- Richard Charnin
I take nothing away from Bev, Lynn, Avi, Mark, Bob, Harvey and the rest of the Gang, when I say that Charnin gets down to bedrock in this field of forensics. He's an effing genius.
Regards, NjW

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