Anyone wonder how far ahead of the pack we'd be as a nation if we devoted one-tenth the cunning and guile we expend in perverting our perfectly good laws, and instead, tried to perfect them?
This pack of "laws" would do Uncle Joe (Stalin) proud. As he might have said, "There's no law like a law that no one explain, define or defend against."
THE USA PATRIOT ACT (especially the new and improved version) and the slew of "material support"-type lege passed since 2000 are  all so broad, so open to interpretation, that the accused (assuming he's ever allowed to even sniff the interior of a courtroom) has little chance of "knowing" the charges brought against him. He also has about the same odds of "knowing" how to avoid running afoul of such legal ambiguity in the first place.
And in the best tradition of humankind -monkey see, monkey do - such misleadership in Washington is aped by every authoritarian slug and weasel in the countryside.
Speaking of apes, I thought you might like to read about The Volunteer State's latest and greatest gift to legal precedent (and we're worried about Islamofascists?) from the POV of a defender of this kind of legislation. She's some happy warrior, alright.The bill's sponsor agrees:
"It should be a priority of ours to protect the citizens of our great state - there will be no prosperity without security, ..." Neither deserves either. Pastor Niemoller ascents with a cosmic smirk.
You're gonna love the target of this legislation and you're gonna love the title of her blog. Fear would be the correct reactive feeling. These folks are bat-shit crazy, for sure. But, Hey! If the Sooner Lege can outlaw Sharia Law in Oklahoma, why should they have all the fun?
Well, whaddya know. Here's the author's About
page (you don't want meet this gal in a dark alley - she's packin').
Say goodnight, Gracie.

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