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The 90-minute lecture with this article is a life-changer. The term to remember here is insulin-resistance
Watch this ONCE if you'd like to lose a few pounds, have more energy or avoid early-onset cardiovascular/cancer/diabetes/Alzheimer's issues.
Watch this TWICE if you'd like to lose more than a few pounds and understand it well enough to explain the basics to those you care about.
Watch this THRICE (where else can you get Elizabethan jargon?) if you are already dealing with cardiovascular, cancer or diabetes.
Also, the comments add to your knowledge on this site (as opposed to the usual childishness). I recommend them highly. One from mbblades on 3/2 mentions chromium tablets (1,000 mcg/day) to deal with the craving while you're trying to kick the addiction. And just  below that are 3 links from Mercola on how to beat candida. The info's here; all that's missing is a decision to get sugar out of your life for good. This almost former addict plans to do just that.
A word on Mercola.com
I try to find sources that prove to me they have no hidden agenda. Dr. Mercola is one. Intellectul honesty is the sine qua non for my paying any attention to what someone tells me. Then, the  only other thing I need to determine is if they know what the hell they're talking about. I can now state (after 3-4 months-worth of his daily newsletters), with no reservations, that the good Doc passes the moral compass and got-it-together tests with flying colors.
Whether he's telling or selling (his own line of products which I'll be giving a try), you can take what this fellow says to the bank (although that they may be the last place you'd want to take anything nowadays).
The best thing this video and article can do for you is to show you how stacked the deck is against anyone trying to live a naturally healthy life in America, hence, less expensive and less profitable for the folks who want to sell you their boatloads of toxic crap. The real disease here is overweening, way out-of-control greed.
There's lots more good info on Mercola's site. His bite-size newsletter will give you a daily peek at the wide range of issues he covers.
Don't forget, the grains have to go too as they morph into fructose and sucrose as well.
I am so distrustful of any, so-called, "authority" in this society-on-the-cum, that my diet consists solely of stuff that can't be fucked with by the industrial food machine: nuts, fruit (amazing how much you can eat and still stay under 25 grams of sugar per day - check out the chart), beans, peanut butter (natural, not Skippy) - you get the picture.
I also do shakes and smoothies, though I'm going to give the Doc's Whey shake a shot. I trust him to use the pure ingredients he says he does. I think the whey and supplements I now use are mostly ineffective - the price isn't that much more either.
Toodles and good luck kicking the Sugar Succubus (or Incubus, if you're so inclined),
As an added incentive, remember that, each time one of us frees her/himself from the industrial food/money people-grinder, means one fewer to support this corrupt and crumbling edifice built on avarice and oppression.
mercola.com is an all-around, excellent health info site.
You'll love The Town of Allopath, a 5-minute animated film.
Don't forget to pass this one on to everyone you know (even he ones you don't care about).

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