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In just under two hours, this film explains, in plain English, precisely what is ailing America, who is responsible and where this is all heading. I must say, I find nothing here that is not fact-based, thoroughly documented and verifiable six ways to Sunday. But, don't take my word for it. In the age of the instant answer, if you run across any questionable assertion, just pop the salient terms into your favorite search engine and you'll see for yourself.
Remember, only a failure of imagination can cause a suspension of disbelief in one actively engaging her/his critical faculties.
Once you've vetted this - compared it to the knowledge you already have and checked the few areas you were less sure of - you will know just how near to th edge of the abyss this klepto-republic fantasyland really is.
The companion text to this docu is one of Chris Hedges' recent columns:
the corporate state wins again - Chris Hedges truthdig 04-25-11
Just in case you still harbor any doubts about just how dark America, and much of the Western world, is becoming, invest a tad more time with the soft-spoken* Julian Assange who speaks his truth withour benefit of sturm or drang. Assange's matter-of-fact, measured and understated delivery provides added power to his argument that government secrecy - at every level - is our mortal foe. He is blazing a trail for one of the two main avenues by which the masses (that'd be us) can push back against the few who now wield their power so cruelly: hacking (the other being social networking, which is also coming along nicely).
But, before you dig in to the erudite and respectful colloquy of Mssrs. Pilger and Assange, for a compare and contrast, a reminder of the contrived and calculated din that passes for expository "debate" in this morally-adrift country. If the people are supposed to arrive at reasoned and rational decisions based on this type of carnival, is it any wonder they don't?
  #first 3.5 mins  foxnews-youtube  12-28-10
rev WIKILEAKS  Julian Assange  w John Pilger
(in UK, prior to his arrest) #1.08.28  itv-youtube  10-00-10
As I've said before, make your plans. In my opinion, we have 5 years - give or take - before we will find ourselves in a self-censoring and martial culture. You may even catch yourself scanning the area before uttering a deeply-held belief in public; perhaps even on the phone (making Ari Fleischer a prophet without honor in his own time). Within that time we may even see the first websites that simply "disappear" when you try to pull them up, though it is far more likely - in true boiling a frog style - that the "slowing" (40 seconds more is a lifetime on the Web) of such troublesome sites may be enough to reduce their followers by attrition. We will further see the rise of DarkNet; a parallel Internet beyond the reach of the censors. This is Orwellian/Huxleyan stuff, but it will be here soon.
We will also see the beginnings of the unraveling of our food distibution system (I use the term "food" advisedly). For the following brief piece, the comments are far more revealing than the column and Cybra (first/bottom comment) is on the money. If you think Monsanto and its Big Ag cohorts are going to let you grow your own, let alone eat it, by taking unfair advantage of your lower production costs - air, soil, water, TLC - then you're smoking something stronger then Roundup Ready.
(near water)  nyobserver  05-17-11
By the end of this decade the rot and resultant stench here will be evident to even the most distracted among us. A police state, in all but name, will be in place by then; sooner if another false-flag "terrorism" is committed upon us - think Statue of Liberty or Golden Gate Bridge (symbolic and iconic with small loss of life) or, perhaps something on a grander scale (though it's hard to top the Twin Towers & #7 for sheer audacity), say, Grand Coulee Dam
To use the Nexi's (the elite miscreants who have wrought all this chaos and misery) favorite phrase, "Whatever it takes."
*emphasis on "soft" - you may want to listen with headphones - Julian's voice literally disappears at times

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