You couldn't ask for a better clip to lay out Florida's case to be reigning champ as the Corruption Center of the several states.
In these parlous times, Wisconsin's Walker and Ohio's Kasich are simply going to have to try harder to keep up with our mega-crook. Maybe it's time for them to start locking up grandmas for babysitting without a license.
And you just know it's bad when the guys we're depending upon to rescue us from the tender mercies of our felon-in-chief are the Republicans in the Lege...
this from Big Bend Larry (a fellow who can keep tabs on these miscreants in his sleep):
News this week (end 4/15) from the Florida Capitol included:
  • An announcement by Governor Scott that he was not inclined to join litigation against BP.
  • House legislative leaders Monday quashed a proposal to create a "Birth Control Matters Day," (a day before Planned Parenthood organizers were due in Tallahassee to rally against several legislative measures designed to eviscerate abortion rights) because birth control was "too controversial."
  • A group of South Florida grandmothers composed and performed The Uterus Song in response to Speaker Cannon's banning of the word on the floor of the House of Representative. The grannies performance can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpBO3euQQPY&feature=youtu.be
  • Governor Scott pushed for a 5 percent government-employee pension contribution rather than the House and Senate approved 3 percent. 
  • Governor Scott will cancel massive cuts to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities if legislators come up with a $174-million budget patch, thus pitting one social service need against another.
  • The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday passed Senate Joint Resolution 1218 that proposes a change to the Florida Constitution that would allow the state to directly fund religious institutions. Government-funded religion has long been a goal of conservatives in Florida.
  • Funding for public libraries would be reduced or eliminated.
  • Business entities could be allowed to advertise on school buses.
  • Doctors would be prohibited from asking their patients about gun ownership.
  • Eyewitness identification reform in criminal cases was defeated at the request of law enforcement.
  • Bills designed to weaken the influence of public employee unions were passed in committee.
  • Welfare drug testing bill advanced.
  • 200 citizens came to Tallahassee to speak in opposition to an immigration bill. The chair of the committee postponed its consideration (a common tactic used to frustrate opposition to a bill)
  • Curbs on personal injury lawsuits advanced.
  • Limits on nursing-home lawsuits approved.
  • Medicaid reform bill advanced. The proposal would put everyone seeking indigent care into an HMO.
 Just another week in paradise.

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