rig VOTER SUPPRESSION ON STEROIDS via TEA PARTY SHELL GAME 'Stealing Democracy' - Spencer Overton bradblog 05-23-11

Move along, folks. Nothing much new to see here. In other words, I disagree with the book's sub-title. Seems to me we are witnessing the same old Atwater-Rovian thuggery and skullduggery of yore; it's just that now, with bushel baskets of kochfunds, they've conned and stolen their way into control of a bunch more states. That, and the Urosevich Machine
is gettin' stronger..
This piece (and book) might be handy to pass on to your friends and family on the right whose comeback on this score is "Sore Loserman." It's their loss too. And, for the less plugged in Lefties in your circles, this makes a nice wrap-up of the field of battle in describing how close we are to the total usurpation (or enough to carry the day, regardless) of our bedrock democratic process.
Given the modern-day insanity of our overripe Electoral College, it's enough to know that the thugs are going after the 15-odd states whose electoral ballots equal those of California, with but a third to one-half the population of the Golden State (depending on which 15 states). 
this just in...
The mysterious debut of Luna the personal robot
I don't care what it does. It's cute and I want one! Only $3,000 - a bargain!

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