libs 1st AMENDMENT LOSS SINCE 9-11 - STATE-BY-STATE MAP + PHOTOGRAPHER's RIGHTS American Civil Liberties Union 2011

Any of you who are thinking of attending any type of protest of demonstration should study this info carefully.
Indeed, the way things are going, if you know you'll be in the vicinity of such gatherings, please take precautions.
This is not your father's Amerika, and we may not be able to go home again. It makes perfect sense.
The worse a government treats its people, the greater the measures required to control the resultant unrest.
SPECIAL NOTE: It is hard for me to write this, but, at all times, be cautious of what - and who - you photograph.
This formerly harmless pastime has, in an age of the burgeoning use of police brutality as a first resort (and the strenuous efforts to cover up that crime, which it always is), transmogrified into a de facto criminal act. Know that, if you are apprehended, or your camera is confiscated by the police, the old rule applies: possession really is 9/10ths of the law when the theft is committed by rogue cops with a system that backs up such activity. Not only will your camera (with its incriminating contents) almost certainly be "mislaid," but should you protest such outrage, trumped-up charges may be - and increasingly are - filed against you. "Resisting arrest" and "interfering with an officer" are purposely vague so they may cover the waterfront of anything a cop finds objectionable about you or your behaviour. It won't matter much if, 3 days hence, a judge throws out the charges, you will still have been illegally held for 3 days. Want to sue the cops for infringing on your civil rights? Save your time and cut your losses. Pyrrhic victory sucks, just ask Pyyrhus.
Read the sidebar on this issue. It will provide at least a rough guide on how to interact with our emerging police state on this score.
Take care out there,
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