act October 2011 - End The Wars - End Corporate Greed - PROTEST from Oct 6 until... arrest? deportation? public pillory?

I plan to be there on opening day of this latest attempt to get someone's - ANYONE'S - attention in D.C. and help point out that this nation has veered seriously off-course. The empire is well past its sell-by date, the odor of putrefaction now overpowering. But, as Chris Hedges says, "It's all we have left."
That the above wil hardly be news to the occupants of all those stately buildings along Pennsylvania Ave. goes without saying.But, provided we don't disturb the business-as-usual serenity of the plunder underway, we should be okay. It's for sure we won't get much coverage from the MumMedia, other than FOX which will tally our crowd count at a few dozen irrational malcontents.
I invite all who are able to join me. I'll be there about a week, strenuously exercising what's left of my no-longer-so-civil liberties.
This Sunday is the 10th anniversary of the monstrous engineering of 9/11. The most cursory of backward glances reveals the immense level of hyper-cynical betrayal and resultant losses perpetrated on the people. That we are not all mad as hell and in the streets speaks decibels as to the effectiveness of the massive propaganda machine we mis-identify as "entertainment."
I plan to violate one premise of this campaign. I will show up with a weapon, one which should give The Nexi (the elites) pause. It is a copy of Mssrs. Jefferson and Madison's Bill of Rights, now quite bloody, but still unbowed. More's the pity that Ole Tom and James couldn't quite manage to get absolute government control over human fictitious "persons" in as #11 (or in place of #3), else we might not be in our current dire fix.
This tragicomic 4-minute vid makes the point.
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