This 33-second spot ad, and others like it, are, like fleas: often and everywhere. I bet you're wondering who paid for them and what the ulterior purpose is (nothing is as it seems in the house of illusions)
The ad shows regular folks, complaining about regular taxes. What's really going on is, by framing this as a tax on "little" people, the greedy bastards trying to privatize your government can recruit the less informed, who then join in the fight against no new taxes (previous tax cuts for the rich, and any other "unfair" taxes on the wealthy. No new revenue reduces the options to fund Medicare, Social Security, education, et al, to cutting services or privatizing large chunks of the government and its assets. And so we go the way of Greece; turning all these "burdens" over to Wall Street to be run so much more "efficiently" (and profitably).
As Bob Reich said, this is a jobs crisis. All the rest is 24-caret BS.
Or, as Dennis said in even less than 700 words:
If you want to send a message to Senator Nelson, please Click here
July 27, 2011

Dear Friends,

Facebook President Obama asked Americans to contact members of Congress and ask them to reach a fair resolution of the looming government default.

He rightly noted that both political parties bear some responsibility for running up the federal debt – so it's up to both to end this stalemate. Since the President's speech I've heard from thousands and thousands of folks who responded to his call. I also sensed growing support in Congress to avert a first-ever government default early next week. Thus I'm optimistic about quick passage of some $2.7 trillion in savings and spending cuts – cuts that wouldn't hurt Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.

Such a solution strikes me as a fair compromise – and, exactly the kind of thing I think we need right now.

If you want to pass along your thoughts, just click here to send me an email. Also, feel free to ask others to weigh in as well.

Thanks for your thoughts,


Bill, it's really disheartening to know all I know about the deception and skullduggery that has passed for our government for the last 30 years.
Even though the SS "Trust" Fund cupboard is bare, it changes not one iota the solemn oath of the government to repay those funds. Cutting a program - even by freezing the COLA, or some other such sleight-of-hand (in my case, it's like my gov't came along, said "Stick 'em up!", then robbed me of $1,500 cash) - that is forbidden by law from running in the red, would be a most rank betrayal of the folks who trust their government to do right by them.
How can you-all even look at yourselves in the mirror? Forget the Tea Party Marionettes, those god-besotted, elite-funded folks are too far gone to hear sweet reason. But, Democrats, DEMO-CRATS! - and I include The Oh, Man! - need to stand firm for the people and claw back a few paltry pennies on the dollar of the 2-3 trillion that has been stolen (that's the word, don't you agree?) by the banksters in the form of TARP, etc.

As for the alleged "debt crisis," we both know it is 100% bullshit, don't we? Instead of going after the bedrock institutions that put the "civil' in America's civil society (trust me, you don't want to see an uncivil society), you might consider these simple remedies (until after 2012 at any rate):
1 - Have the Fed generate an additional 3 trilion in fiat money, say, this afternon at 3PM. This would be a small addendum to the 14-18 trillion (who the hell really knows, eh? "A trillion here, a trillion there, and  pretty soon...") it has given to banksters and elites around the world to buy up the toxic derivatives foisted on every nation on the planet, creating the chaos we now see all about us.
If that's too audacious for you, how about...
2 - Have Obama pay the damn bills as the 14th says he must as head-knocker-in-chief. Did you know that no other developed nation has (or needs) a "debt ceiling"? And a boatload of Constitutional law mavens, of all political stripe, now emphatically agree that Mr. Obama need not "raise the debt ceiling" in order to pay the nation's legal obligations.
So, where's the crisis in all this (other than the Capitalist/Christianist cabal dedicated to privatizing everything on god's green earth, including, BTW, god's green earth)?
Re a balanced budget:
After all the SOBs have done to screw up what used to be a working economy - full of folks actually making things - is it be too much to ask that Congress pass a law adding a .05% tax to every hedge fund, derivitive and cd transaction (and whatever other cockamaimie bubble scams they come up with)?
Finally, do the right thing, rinse and repeat.
And while I have your attention...
You (and Mr.O) blur the facts when you posit in your letter that, "...both political parties bear some responsibility for running up the federal debt." While true, such sophistic couching of the issue purposely (I'm assuming both you and Obama have made it your business to know the facts on how we got here) misleads and misdirects the reader as it allows, even encourages, her/him to infer a rough balance between the parties as to their respective responsibilities for the debt. The facts say otherwise:
ADMIN            $trillions*  REMARKS
LBJ-Carter15    1.0          Vietnam
Reagan       8    2.9 +1.9  trickle-down BS, dereg, non-enforcement, bust unions
                                         NOT COUNTING $1.0 trillion theft from SS Trust Fund
Bush 41      4    4.4 +1.5   trickle-down BS, dereg, non-enforcement, Gulf War !
Clinton        4    5.8 +1.4   trickle-down BS-lite, dereg, Kosovo, Gramm-Leach-Bliley
Bush 43      8  11.1 +5.3   9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq II, Part B, Katrina, Disaster Capitalism
                                         NOT COUNTING $1.2 trillion theft from SS Trust Fund
Obama est  2  12.5 +1.4    Afghanistan surge, health care, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, etc.
                                         (momentum factor from previous "worst president ever" admin)
Total additions to National Debt, 1981-2010:  DEMS-> $1.6 trillion  GOP->   $8.0 trillion
Note: numbers are not my strong suit, they may be slightly off. But, that's not the point.
You might prefer these
con DEBT CRISIS - WHO'S YOUR DADDY - OBAMA's 2-YEAR DEBT = $1.44 Trillion v. BUSH's 8-YEAR DEBT = $5.07 Trillion  tnr  07-28-11
*cumulative rounded figure as of the end of September of year left office
My question, Bill, is when do you people (alleged Democrats and Progressives) intend to call a spade a spade and not a bloody shovel? When do you push back. The Rove crew is already plotting away to steal a few more governorships and Senate seats as I type these words. Obama had 10+ million votes cast for him, but, never counted.
Are you guys on the Left and the alleged Liberal media just going to wait around until the
Fascists have so much power no one will be able to stop them and their Neo-Feudal agenda?
This type of mealy-mouthed equivocation merely allows the real cowards - who try to never do anything in the light of day (otherwise no one would vote for them, right?) - to burrow away at the foundations of the republic, largely undisturbed and out of view of the public eye.
Why would you carry the first drop of water for these miscreants who supposedly stand for everything you say you despise?
So you know, I eschew both wings of the Duopoly Party, but, I do insist folks call 'em the way they are with no subterfuge, especially those posing as Liberals; which includes your own sweet self.
Take care, NjW

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"There is no greater disaster than greed." – Lao-tzu
 "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Krishnamurti


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of liberal clap-trap. The most informed segment of the electorate is the conservative contingent. Jon Stewart and the so-called 'progressives' can try to paint conservatives in any way they wish, but the facts prevail. After the next election there will be no shortage of liberal whining. What else is new? The difference will be that our much more accountable government will not be throwing money at the whiners. Jack Russell, Dallas

Nigel said...

Hey, Jack, thanx for the feedback.
Don't move! You're in exactly the right state.

Check back soon. I;ve got all the Liberal clap-trap you can handle.

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