glbt CAN GAYS BE 'STRAIGHTENED' OUT? Rachel Maddow ASKS A 'THERAPIST' alternet 12-10-09

That Ms. Maddow's guest is certifiable is beyond question, but the service she provides here is to underline the point that such crackbrained bullshit "science" is the sine qua non of the world of blind faith. If this fool weren't so dangerous, one could just feel pity for him and move on.
As it is, Mr. Cohen's righteous - and clueless - zeal is chilling. He is channeling The Inquisition, The Holocaust and every other pogrom, demoinization and act of ethnic cleansing throughout history. And like the perpetrators of those miscreantic ventures, he always has the ready answer for why he is not responsible for his own hateful, despicable and destructive words on the page or that spew from his mouth. Rachel has "taken me out of context," or "he was gay and descrimnated against me because he didn't like my message," yada, yada. He's the victim, not those he castigates.
The self-delusion on display here (and the concomitant clueless hypocrisy) is monumental and made all the more frightening by the messenger's obvious inability to self-examine - almost like looking into the dead eyes of a serial killer at the very moent when you know you are about to die by his insane hand.
On a personal note: in the course of my long life, my open mind has guided me to try any number of new things, else, what's the point? On sex, BDSM, menage a trois (and quatre, cinq, etc.), in public, with strange toys, and a host of other enjoyable romps have all been on my libidinal menu, including same-sex sex on more than a few occasions..
I can state with almost 100% certainty, that being gay is no choice. While I feel we are all most likely bisexual (given the right circumstances), for me, there is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame, to quote Mr. Hammerstein. This does not mean that I didn't enjoy my "gay" experiences. It does mean to say that, there is little doubt in my mind that my overwhelming preferance is to make it with the fair sex. And I ddin't need to "fix" a thing to feel that way.
Rachel's guest is in deep denial and is attempting to transfer his self-loathing onto others by metasticizing his psychologically-refuted, cockamamie theory out to anyone who needs it to justify their own hatred (beats looking in the mirror). He is almost child-like when he says, in defense of one of Rachel's many broadsides, that he's been married for 27 and-a-half years. That's a dead giveaway he's trying to put as much real estate as possible between his old gay self and his new, "cured" persona. How many centered folks use half in describing the time-span of anything at his age; subconciously, it means something to him. It also reinforces my firm belief that we've had "gay marriages" for a long, long time.
That said, I do believe that he believes he is "helping" all those poor, misguided gay people; just not him; 'cuase he's been cured; for sure; in all likelihood' 27 & 1/2 - pathetic.
BTW, I kept waiting for Rachel - who is excellent at what she does and a guilty pleasure to watch - to ask the burning question here, the question any good host would include in the list of questions most likely to be of great interest to her/his listening/viewing audience (if she hadn't been so preoccupied with destroying the guy - for those of you unfamiliar, Ms. Maddow is a totally-out-or-never-been-in-the-closet lesbian - it's personal)):
"Exactly why, Mr. Cohen, would you, or anyone else, want to turn a gay person straight? Do have any hard, evidence that, merely by being gay, gays in any way pose a threat to themselves or anyone else"?
and a follow-up;
"How would you feel, Mr. Cohen, in another world, with a different set of power and preference paradigms, if someone implied, by trying to "turn" you gay, that being straight was a less than desirable trait"?

P.S. A little schadenfreude is okay, just remember that Mr. Cohen doesn't "get" that he's been exposed for the fraud he is. Why, I'll bet he even thinks he acquitted himself quite well.

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"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." – Krishnamurti
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