film AVATAR in IMAX 3D tomorrow's cinematic sea-change - James Cameron writerr-director gizmag 12-17-09

film AVATAR in IMAX 3D tomorrow's cinematic sea-change - James Cameron writer-director  gizmag  12-17-09



It would be a shame to view this film on anything other than an IMAX screen. For any other movie house, save your money, you might as well wait for it on NetFlix.


Alas, there is only one true IMAX theater in the Tampa Bay area. It is at the MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) opposite USF, on Fowler Avenue in Tampa  To the best of my knowledge, none of the multiplex-type cinemas advertising "IMAX" possess the technology and space to properly exhibit this game-changing film; including BayWalk and Channelside. BayWalk's IMAX is a joke. I can't speak to Channelside.


This Aussie review's focus is on the tech, but scroll down for the trailer for this wonder. The videos also contain links to other videos at the end of each video. A high-def TV will give you a better feel for what Mr. Cameron has created here.


I won't know for sure until I see it - my guess is that MOSI will get it in 3-4 months, after the scam of faux-IMAXes has run its course - but from what I seen and read, it will be some time before this experience is reproducible in anything other than the IMAX environment. In other words, pirating this one would be pointless. The IMAX technology has had to wait almost 40 years for a movie worthy of it came along; 3-D is just icing on the cake. IMAX 101 & MOSI info http://www.mosi.org/imaxtech.html



After starting this post, I got around to reading Steve Persall's review in yesterday's St Pete Times.


As with many of his reviews, we disagree on a number of issues, he as reviewer, me as plain old consumer. Occasionally, we seem to be traversing parallel universes, so disparate are our respective takes on this or that film. I suspect Avatar will add to that list.


First, he does not caution his readers on the quantum gap between real IMAX and the soft-porn variety extant in the bay area. I'm sure he has sampled every film venue in 7 counties by now, including the IMAXes. Has he really seen or felt no difference? Even the MOSI is a step down from those in New York and Atlanta. It would be a help if they could soften the abandoned factory motif. But, at least, the basic tech is there; it is the real deal. I'd be interested to know the venue at which Steve saw this. I'm also sure his readers could have used the guidance I offer here.


My second beef is with the sneering aura of his piece. He appears to have a problem with the writer/director's use of allegory. The fact is, a very few humans are doing terrible things to the Earth and humanity, all in service to power and greed, but you can bet they spent oodles of time "plotting" before "doing.". The fact is that these few seem not to give a flip about the death, destruction and misery they visit on people just living their lives and bothering no one. Is this a truth deserving of his mockery, ridicule, or to be pooh-poohed? There is a fine line between honest criticism and cavalier dismissal of another's intent.


As for Steve's invidious comparison to the likes of Toy Story or, The Jazz Singer, no less ("Look, Ma, no more having to listen to that damn honky-tonk piano"!), Avatar promises to bring far more of an artistic sea-change to this line of work, than Disney's "pixillation" of animation could ever hope to. TS grossed less than this film cost to make.($400 million+). James Cameron may have an Olympian ego (Linda would know), but he also has the talent to match. I have loved most of his films, even the ones with Arnold in them.


For another view, here is an arguably better review – in terms of the spirit of Avatar – than Steve's. It appears to be Madison, Wisconsin's version of Creative Loafing. http://www.isthmus.com/isthmus/article.php?article=27724


I look forward to seeing this one the right way. You should too.


NjW 12-18-09

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