Of the many outrages in this piece, none compare to the demonization of the person vainly attempting to avail herself of a Constitutionally legal medical procedure. This won't end until the people who run our armed services, and their brothers-in-arms in Congress, are not the present bunch of misogynous, Dominionist crazies effectively running both institutions now.
The brutalization of women is just part of a 3-decades long pattern (on steroids under Shrub) to 'Christianize" our armed forces. It began in the Air Force Academy in Boulder, CO, and has since metastasized to all branches and all ranks, especially corporals, sargeants and lower officer grades. If we ever have a military coup, these jackals will be the driving force. They have a ways to go, but - being driven to do God's will, and all - they are, as you all know, relentless and indefatigable.
To better understand the real threat to this nation (clue, it ain't Al Quada or Glenn Beck), I recommend any of these: 
Chris Hedges' American Fascists, Mark Crispin Miller's Cruel & Unusual, Kevin Phillips' American Theocracy and Michelle Goldberg's Kingdom Coming. All limn the determined, dogged and dastardly plans of these loons, driven by their certainty of the path to "salvation."
Also check out these mildly redundant videos if you have the time. They are both under the same link.
`vote THEFT & THEOCRACY - Mark Crispin Miller talk  #58.30  eon  05-04-06
Mark's 45-minute interview deals mainly with the Christian Zionist threat. The talk is more about the theft of elections as the main tool of the Christianists to do as they please while in office sans fear of being thrown out by a pissed-off electorate. You can't throw the beggars out of office if enough of your votes don't count. This site - EON - has quite a few other really great videos.
This is serious stuff. These righteous bastards have stolen 2 presidencies, at least two dozen US Senate races, scores of House races, and countless others since 2000. The evidence used to be just irrefutable. Certain facts coming to light in the past two years require that be changed to monumental. These nut-bags are, if anything, more qualified candidates for the rubber-room than the Taliban or the Wahabbis, but neither of those two groups could bring down the planet.
The goal of these traitors of humanity is nothing less than the destruction of this world, using America's military might to provoke a World War III event. Why would they want to do that? To hasten the Apocalypse, you big silly. And it's really fortunate that God's told them it's A-OK to cheat, lie, assassinate, et al, in his name ('cause it's a really, really good cause).
It's really a perfect closed universe for them, just not so much for the rest of us.
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