I'm not a great fan of online petitions, but, this is one we all need to get behind.
Mr. O has a chance to appoint Ms. Warren
 to head up the brand new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; a creation of Ms. Warren herself. He may only do this while the U.S. Senate is adjourned. If you see this as somehow "cheating," think back to how many Federalist judges and other miscellaneous cretins were appointed by the Boy King, during his catastrophic reign over this land, using precisely this end-run tactic.
While she will only be in charge through the end of 2012 (I think that's right), better 19 months of Liz chasing the bad guys than no Liz at all.
Ms. Warren is whip-smart, relentless in speaking truth to power (in short supply these days as you may have noticed) and whose moral compass never veers from true magnetic North; a rare combo in today's vacillatory and principle-challenged world.
Like MLK with LBJ, let's help BHO do the right thing vis-a-vis EHW.
This takes but a minute and, unlike so many of these damn things, the auto-fill works.
For those who'd like to know a bit more about Liz Warren, watch this:
- Elizabeth Warren talk  #-57.37  youtube  03-08-07.url
She's one helluva gal.

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Check out this AMAZING momentum on our letter urging President Obama to give Elizabeth Warren a recess appointment:

Washington Post: "10,000 people an hour in the first five hours..."
Washington Post: "75,000 signatures in eight hours."
Slate.com: "100,000 signatures strong now"
American Banker: "150,000 signatures in less than 24 hours"
Politico: "175,000 signatures supporting her in just two days"
Huffington Post: "over 225,000 petitioners calling on Obama to go around Senate Republicans and just name her to the bureau she created already."

Now we're at 244,000 signatures!

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