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- David Sirota  salon.com
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cop HEINOUS CRIME AT Jefferson Memorial
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Scary, eh? So, what can you do to try to prevent the worst excesses of the pandemic authoritarian mindset (there are now 3 private cops for every publicly paid one "serving" us)?
Well, you can take the advice of an old Sybil Libber from way back. In fact, this fellow's name adorned the Executive Director's office of the ACLU for almost a quarter-century. Listen close.
While Ira's moved on to Flex Your Rights
, he's still in the fight. This excellent docu makes the point: We live in a gotcha society. There are crimes to be invented, prisons to engorge so that investors may buy 3rd and 4th homes, more non-readers to be hired to patrol our streets and new ways for our nation's leaders to entrap us into setting a foot wrong. Land o' Goshen! Time's a-wasting! (watch your ass)
My only quarrel with this film is that all the perps appear to be be quite white, as in, of the Caucasian persuasion. Now, I don't know about you, but to my knowledge, honkies hardly ever get cuffed for a little pot. Matter of fact, about 2/3 of all drug convictions in the USofA are for folks who arrived on Earth in technicolor (as opposed to the absence of same).
Of course, it did occur to me that FYR's focus on honkie perps may be a nod to our incarcerative future. There may come a time when the just-in-time, black-and-tan, school-to-prison conveyer belt runs low on victims, uh, fodder. Why, we might just have to start pitching poor (post-middle class) white folk into the maw of the prison-industrial thingie. Now, wouldn't that be something?
libs Busted!
The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters #+45.23  flexyourrights-topdocufilms  2003
It's too bad that time has marched on, liberties wise, since this film was made. The item to follow refers to a few new statutes put forth that will definitely complicate Ira Glasser's medieval (early 21st Century) take on the law as it then stood. In that halcyon, bygone era of the early Bush years they hadn't even stolen Ohio yet.
Today, if that young lady hosting the loud party tried to prevent those nosy gendarmes from crossing over her threshold, courtesy of our Supreme sagewipes (8 to 1 - only Ruth managed to find her way home on that travesty), she wouldn't have a Fourth to stand on.
(hint: Ohio's leading the charge in the dumbest and cruelest entrapment-statute sweepstakes - you won't believe this "cracked" logic from Buckeye judges and lawmakers)
BTW, I note that Flex Your Rights has been around since 2002. How could someone like me - intensely curious on all matters civ libs - only discover it by accident (I stumbled across the film a few months ago on another site)  8 years on? Oh,well.

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