BP GUSHER What if Matt Simmons is right?

A serious person is asking some serious questions about a most serious matter; one that might affect everyone living on or near the Eastern Gulf coast.
Read through the brief item, then download the 15-minute mp3 and hear what Matt has to say. While you're here, feel free to scroll down for Matt Simmons' credentials in this area - he is no beginner. The most unsettleing thing for me is that Mr Simmons stands to lose quite a bit by taking the stance he does. His 40 years of building relationships in his industry may end up in tatters after all the shooting's over. He has nothing to gain by his present position. I have always thought of him as a man of principle; I think this cinches it.
Jim Kunstler's piece asks more questions based on Matt Simmons's concerns. They are almost as disturbing as Matt's original musings.
And if these two don't do it for you, have a look-see at my latest LATOC newsletter. There is plenty of mainstream media concern (just not on page one, or even 51), enough for our own concern.
As you can see/hear from the above, these are no wild-eyed doom-screamers. There is not a Chicken Little in the crowd. They are full of doubt, but borderline cynical about the lack of candor emanating from Washington and BP; as we all should be.
The consequences of not being, at the very least, aware of the possibility of a cataclysmic event a scant 150 miles west of Tampa Bay could be dire indeed. Like you, I haven't the foggiest as to my own actions if Mother has a hissy over all our gouging and digging. This is simply info we all should have, if for no other reason than to have an exit plan in case TSHTF.
Finally, as Lily says (see below), it really is hard to keep up. I had given little thought to the rumors that the "spill" was yet another false-flag op straight from the Rove-Cheney playbook. I still fail to see "who benefits." However, this post from Brasscheck gives me pause. See what you think.

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